Seiko Diskette Label

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Make label printing easy with these Diskette/Name Badge Labels and your Seiko Smart Label Printer. You can print one label or 20 off this label roll using ultra-reliable, Seiko Instruments, direct thermal-printing technology. These labels help deliver fast, straightforward and predictable label printing with no need for ink, toner or ribbons. You can use labels for name badges or to organize old tapes, cassettes and archived files. FSC certified labels are compatible with Seiko SLP-200, SLP-220, SLP-240, SLP-420, SLP-430, SLP-440, SLP-450, SLP-620, SLP-650 and SLP-650SE.

  • Works in Seiko SLP-200, SLP-220, SLP-240
  • Compatible with SLP-420,, SLP-430, SLP-440
  • Also for use in SLP-450, SLP-620, SLP-650 and SLP-650SE
  • Ultra-reliable, direct thermal printing in Seiko Smart Label Printers
  • No hassle with ink, toner or ribbons

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