Seiko Slide Label



Slide labels allow you to quickly create labels for a variety of labeling purposes, including 35mm slides. Self-adhesive sticks to virtually all flat surfaces for convenient use. You can print one label or 20 off this label roll using ultra-reliable, Seiko Instruments, direct thermal-printing technology. These labels help deliver fast, straightforward and predictable label printing with no need for ink, toner or ribbons. Use your Smart Label Printer with these high-quality address labels to streamline the process and ensure crisp, legible printouts every time. Labels are designed for Seiko SLP-420 or above, SLP-240, SLP-200 and SLP-220.

  • Ultra-reliable, direct thermal printing in Seiko Smart Label Printer
  • No hassle with ink, toner or ribbons
  • Perfect for 35mm slides and more
  • Use in Seiko SLP450, 440, 430, 420 and 200 series printers

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