SPOS G86-62401, BLACK

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The height of professionalism in both look and function. The fully programmable keyboard with extended alphanumeric layout and replaceable keys is designed first and foremost for commercial use at the POS. The model is extremely slim with its compact design and can also be inserted in recesses in the table. Key Benefits

  • Compact size keyboard with QWERTY layout
  • Enhanced US 123 position key layout
  • Robust product design with IP 54 Spill and dust resistant key field for harsh environments
  • Plug & Play configuration for all common POS Features
  • Unique function enhancement with CHERRY Tools virtual programming
  • Fully programmable keyboard with 60 relegendable keys for easy layout configuration and quick function calls

More from the Manufacturer

  • USB 2.0 connectivity for a easy connection
  • Touchpad pointing device is great for dragging the files and folders as well as scrolling through the documents and web pages

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