10ft CAT6A Ethernet Cable - 10 Gigabit Category 6A Shielded Snagless RJ45 100W POE Patch Cord - 10GbE Black UL-TIA Certified

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This 10-foot Cat6a cable meets or exceeds all Category 6a cable specifications to ensure reliable 10Gb network connections. The cable is shielded to protect your network against electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI) and system noise, providing the perfect solution for fast and safe network connections.

Reliable Cat6a 10 Gigabit connections

Each cable is tested for up to 500 MHz frequency and is more than suitable for 10GBase-T Ethernet networks.

Constructed with 100% copper and foil-shielded, twisted-pair wiring, this cable was built for quality performance. The cable is designed to keep the data signals traveling through your network free from interference and is perfect in environments that are prone to large amount of EMI.

The 50-micron gold connectors deliver optimum conductivity and eliminate signal loss due to oxidation or corrosion.

Secured network connections

For easier cable runs, the snagless connectors protect the RJ45 clips during installation, making them less likely to snag or break. This ensures a sturdy connection by preventing the cable from becoming loose from the port.

Plus, the cable features molded boots that offer strain relief to stop the RJ45 connector termination points from bending at sharp angles, which reduces the risk of damage to the cable that could decrease network performance.

The C6ASPAT10BK is backed by's lifetime warranty for guaranteed reliability.

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  • Create secured connections with snagless clips that protect the connectors during installation_x000D_
  • Prevent cable damage with molded RJ45 connectors that also offer strain relief_x000D_
  • Protect your data against noise and EMI/RFI interference_x000D_

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