2.5in Silicone Laptop Hard Drive Protector Sleeve with Connector Cap

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This silicone hard drive protector sleeve provides a layer of sturdy protection against potential shock/impact damage for your uninstalled 2.5in hard drives.
The hard drive protector features a durable silicon design and a ventilation hole in the top for enhanced heat dissipation.
This versatile hard drive sleeve offers the flexibility to fit most IDE and SATA/SAS 2.5in HDDs. The silicon sleeve features a tip cover that's specifically designed to protect the hard drive interface ports during transportation, but can be removed for installation.
An ideal solution for keeping unused drives safe while not in use, the silicon drive sleeve is a perfect addition to our "bare drive" (trayless) hard drive enclosures.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Fits most 2.5in laptop hard drives
  • Durable silicone construction
  • Stackable design
  • Ventilation holes for greater heat dissipation
  • Removable end cap for interface (connector) protection
  • Provides sturdy protection from physical shocks and impacts

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