40" Neoprene Cable Management Sleeve with Zipper-Buckle, Computer-PC Cord Cover, Flexible Cable Sleece-Organizer Wrap, Black

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Professionally organize and conceal your cables with this 39.4" (1m) Neoprene cable management sleeve, and neatly conceal your power, data, video, and networking cables. With 1.2" (30mm) inner diameter, this sleeve offers ample room to accommodate your everyday cable management needs.

Customizable Solution

This sleeve come with connector buckles on both the ends, allowing you to daisy-chain additional sleeves, which is ideal for longer cable runs and multi-monitor setup in your home-office, office, and boardroom.

For added convenience this sleeve also offers 11 evenly spaced built-in cable exit holes.

Sturdy Design

Made from durable Neoprene rubber with 0.12" (3mm) thickness, this sleeve is resistant to everyday wear & tear, foot traffic or damage by pets. Long lasting Nylon zippers and double-stitched connector buckles are designed for frequent use and are ideal for use in long cable runs.

Soft and flexible Neoprene also makes it easier to position and route the sleeve around sharp corners or bends.

Quick Hassle-free Installation

Smart zipper design with built-in exit holes for cables offers fast and easy installation. No need to disconnect cables and face work interruptions or down time in order to re-route cords through a traditional sleeve; Just wrap this Neoprene zipper sleeve around your cables and fasten the zipper. Add as many additional sleeves as you need to.

The WKSTNCMZP is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

  • PROFESSIONAL CABLE SLEEVE: Ideal for office, home office & desktop workstation to easily organize & conceal cables with this Neoprene cable management sleeve; Provide a clean professional look; Just wrap the sleeve around the cable bundle & fasten the zipper
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SOLUTION: This 39.4" (1m) sleeve with 1.2" (3cm) diameter has built-in connector buckles allowing you to daisy-chain additional sleeves as required; For under computer/PC desk, multiple monitor setups, power cords, classrooms; Built-in holes
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE SLEEVE: Cable manager made from rugged Neoprene rubber prevents wear & tear due to extended use, foot traffic or damage by pets; Flexible Neoprene to easily position/route around corners/bends; Sturdy zipper & buckles for frequent use
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Just wrap the cable organizer sleeve around existing cords and fasten the zipper; Fast & easy installation, no need to unplug connections, no work interruption or wasted time; Add additional sleeves to extend length as needed
  • SPECS: Length: 39.4" (1m), Diameter: 1.2" (3cm)
  • Material: Soft Neoprene rubber, 0.12" (3mm) thick
  • Black
  • Included 11 evenly spaced cable/wire exit holes
  • Zipper design with built-in buckles on both ends
  • 2-Year Warranty

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