Targus 4Vu Privacy Screen Protector Matte, Glossy

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Protect your onscreen content from prying eyes with the 4Vu™ Magnetic Privacy Screen. Designed to fit Lenovo™ T460, T470, and T480 14" laptops with 16:9 ratio screens, simply apply the magnetic attachment to the bezel of your laptop - and align and attach the privacy screen to the magnetic strips. The limited viewing range prevents passersby from getting a glimpse of what's on your screen. Beyond 30° either side of center, all they'll see is a black screen. All you'll see is crisp, clear images and text. Designed to reduce glare and filter blue light, you'll also enjoy more comfortable viewing and less eyestrain.

Ideal for work and play, the double-sided screen easily flips from matte to glossy. Switch as often as you'd like thanks to the durable magnetic design.

This privacy screen also features Targus Antimicrobial Protection infused to the material, creating a cleaner surface, and helps prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

  • Sleek magnetic attachment
  • Double sided: easily switch between matte or glossy
  • Antimicrobial-infused finish helps prevent the growth of bacteria on the privacy screen
  • Anti-reflective coating reduces screen glare
  • Filters blue light, minimizing eye strain
  • Maintains privacy with 60° viewing range
  • Compatible with Lenovo™ T460, T470, and T480

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