Tripp Lite 1000ft RG6-U Quad Shield CMR Rated Coaxial Cable White 1000'

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The A224-01K-WH RG6/U Quad-Shield CMR-Rated Coaxial Cable is premium cabling designed for high-frequency indoor/outdoor applications, such as television antennas, digital cable and satellite transmissions, and video surveillance systems. RG6/U coaxial cable has lower attenuation than RG59 cable, making it superior over long distances.Manufactured with an 18 AWG copper-clad steel center conductor, the 75-ohm A224-01K-WH is tested to 3 GHz and features quad shielding, which means aluminum foil and braid shielding over another layer of aluminum foil and braid for error-free transmission. Protected by a flame-retardant CMR-rated PVC jacket, this white cable meets UL1655, UL13, UL444 and RoHS standards.
  • Lower attenuation than RG59 cable for longer distances
  • 18 AWG copper-clad steel center conductor
  • Quad foil and braid shielding for error-free transmission
  • Flame-retardant CMR-rated PVC jacket
  • Meets UL1655, UL13, UL444 and RoHS standards

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