Tripp Lite 1ft Y Splitter Cable for select BatteryPacks 175A DC Connectors Blue



The 48VDCSPLITTER Y Splitter Cable connects two Tripp Lite external battery packs to a compatible UPS system to extend runtime. It is compatible with Tripp Lite's non-expandable BP48V24-2U and other select battery packs that specify compatibility with this cable. The one-foot (30.5 cm) 48VDCSPLITTER is constructed using 4 AWG two-conductor black cabling. It features three blue 175A DC connectors: two outputs for the battery packs and one input for a UPS system that specifies the use of a BP48V24-2U battery pack.
  • Out of power connectors? Splitter cable is the answer. It can attach additional floppy drives, removable storage drives, hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-RWs, tape drives, fans, etc. to your computer's power supply.
  • Small in size and light in weight, users find it easy to carry around
  • 48 V DC cord ensures a steady and constant electric supply to the device

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