Tripp Lite Conference Surge Protector with 4 5-15R Outlets & 4 USB-A Ports 6ft Cord Black

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Keep Your Team's Devices Powered and Charged During Important Meetings

Workplace meetings involve a variety of devices - laptops, smartphones, tablets - to keep everyone coordinated and up to date with the information necessary to make important decisions. Guaranteeing those devices remain charged and powered is Tripp Lite's Conference Power Surge Protector. Rounded to ensure equal access to everyone at the table, this UL-certified surge protector delivers ample power and reliable protection to as many as eight mobile devices at the same time.

NEMA 5-15R Outlets Accept a Wide Range of Electronic Devices

Plug your laptops, projector, printer or other conference-table electronics into four NEMA 5-15R outlets to protect them against dangerous surges, spikes and line noise. Each outlet is located far enough apart from the others to accept bulky transformers without blocking adjacent outlets.

4 USB-A Ports Share 4.2 Amps of Charging Power

The USB ports are available for charging your smartphones, tablets and other USB mobile devices. They share 4.2A of charging power, which is plenty for delivering ample power to demanding devices.

1800 Joules Safeguard Your Sensitive Electronics

This Protect It!® surge protector features a surge suppression rating of 1800 joules to defend your sensitive electronic components against even the strongest power surges and spikes. Because residential power outlets have three wires-hot line (H), neutral (N) and ground (G)-the TLP406USBUFO protects all three, covering the two protection modes: full normal mode (H-N) and common mode (N-G/H-G).

Premium Protection from EMI/RFI Line Noise Helps Your Equipment Perform Better

Various electromagnetic and radio sources found in virtually every home and business can cause disruptive interference on the AC line. Known as EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference), this line noise is a common cause of performance problems. This surge protector filters out disruptive line noise that can disturb your electronics and inflict hardware damage or data loss. This EMI/RFI filtering also helps your connected components perform better and last longer.

Premium Safety Features Protect Your Valuable Equipment

The on/off switch provides one-touch control over all connected equipment. Red and green LEDs confirm your connected equipment is grounded and protected.

Right-Angle Plug Makes Connecting in Tight Spaces Easier

The space-saving right-angle NEMA 5-15P connector with 6-ft. (1.83 m) braided power cord is easy to install in confined spaces, such as behind a computer desk or workstation. The right-angle construction also relieves strain on the cable and connector and prevents the cable from bending awkwardly.

  • Ideal for conference tables, meeting rooms and other areas with multiple mobile devices
  • 4 NEMA 5-15R outlets spaced widely apart to accommodate bulky transformers
  • 1800 joules protect your valuable electronics against dangerous surges and spikes
  • 4 USB ports share 4.2A for fast charging of phones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Right-angle NEMA 5-15P plug with 6-ft. (1.83 m) cord allows easy connection in confined spaces
  • This product is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • $2,500 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance

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