Tripp Lite Digital Temperature Sensor Blanking Panel Rackmount Panel LCD



1U Blanking Panel with Temperature Sensor Helps Improve Rack Cooling Efficiency

This cold-rolled steel SmartRack® blanking panel with a black powder-coated finish fills 1U of unused space in your EIA-standard 19-inch rack. Not only does this give your rack a sleek, clean look, but it also protects your valuable equipment by improving airflow. By closing off unused rack openings, this blanking panel prevents hot air from recirculating through open spaces. This reduces operating costs, improves performance and provides longer lifespans for your equipment.

Helps You Precisely Measure Your Rack Temperature, Even High Up

The SR1UPNLTEMP helps you notice hot spots at the top of your rack with the included temperature sensor. The six-foot sensor reaches every crack and crevice within your rack and finds hot spots. The sensor accurately measures the rack temperature within 2°F and 1°C and a range of -58°-302°F and -50°-150°C.

LCD Indicator Lets You Keep a Close Watch on Environmental Changes

A front-panel LCD lets you monitor the rack temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. One front rocker switch flips between °F and °C. The other turns the SR1UPNLTEMP on and off. The included 12V DC power supply features a six-foot cord and NEMA 1-15P plug that connects to an AC wall outlet, PDU or UPS system.

  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Mounts easily into 1U of space in your EIA-standard 19 in. rack enclosure
  • Front-panel LCD displays rack temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Included temperature sensor identifies hot spots within the rack up to 6 ft. away
  • Protects rack-mount equipment by improving airflow and cooling efficiency
  • Cold-rolled steel panel fills unused rack space to give enclosure a clean, sleek look

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