Tripp Lite Extension Cable for Select Tripp Lite Battery Packs, Blue 175A DC Connectors, 1 ft. (0.31 m)

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The BPEXT481 Extension Cable allows you to connect your Tripp Lite SMART5000XFMRXL UPS system and BP48V24-2U battery pack in a front-mount four-post rack configuration in order to extend runtime. It also adds one foot (0.3 m) to the connection between other compatible Tripp Lite 48V UPS systems and external battery packs. The BPEXT481 is constructed using 6 AWG two-conductor black cabling. It features two Blue 175A DC connectors: one output for the battery pack and one input for the UPS system.

  • Heavy-duty 6 AWG 2-conductor black cabling
  • 2 Blue 175A DC connectors (1 output, 1 input)
  • 1 ft. (0.3 m) in length

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