Tripp Lite PDU Basic ISOBAR Surge Protection 14 Outlets L5-20P 6ft Cord 1U

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Single-Phase 120V PDU Distributes Network-Grade Power to Multiple Loads

This basic PDU is an ideal no-frills unit for telecom, security, audio/video and a wide variety of general portable and stationary rack-mount applications. Recommended for network-grade IT environments, the PDUH20-ISO6 features 12 NEMA 5-20R outlets in the rear and two 5-15R outlets in front. A six-foot cord with L5-20P input plug (and included 5-20P adapter) connects to your facility's AC power source, generator or protected UPS system to distribute power to connected loads.

3840 Joules Fight Back Against Unexpected Power Surges

Protecting your valuable electronics is ISOBAR® network-grade AC surge and noise suppression. A 3840-joule surge protection rating defends your sensitive electronic components against even the strongest power surges, spikes and line noise. The PDUH20-ISO6 covers full normal (H-N) and common (N-G/H-G) protection modes. A green LED confirms your connected equipment is protected.

Up-to-Date Safety Features Protect Your Vital Equipment

The switchless design helps prevent an accidental shutdown, which could lead to costly downtime. A 20A circuit breaker protects connected components from dangerous overloads. A red LED signals a suppressor or wiring fault.

Versatile Installation Options Give You Plenty of Choices

The reversible all-metal housing comes with mounting brackets for installation in 1U of space or 0U vertical mounting in an EIA-standard 19-inch rack. You can also reorient the brackets for permanent mounting under a counter or on a wall with user-supplied hardware.

  • Ideal no-frills PDU for telecom, security, A/V and other small network applications
  • 3840 joules protect your valuable electronics against dangerous surges and spikes
  • 12 NEMA 5-20R and 2 5-15R outlets distribute AC power to connected equipment
  • 6 ft. cord with L5-20P input (and 5-20P adapter) connects to AC power source
  • Flexible installation options include 1U and 0U rack, under counter and on wall
  • 2-year limited warranty

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