Tripp Lite Power Extension Cord Heavy Duty C14 to Locking C13 M-F 15A 6ft

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Locking C13 Power Cable Connects Computers, Printers, Servers and Other Equipment

This IEC-320-C14 to IEC-320-C13 power cable can be used to power a computer, printer or monitor; attach a server or drive to a UPS system or PDU; or extend an existing connection up to six feet.

Locking C13 Connector Helps Prevent Accidental Disconnection and Expensive Downtime

Having a cable come loose accidentally can mean the loss of power and costly downtime. The P005-L06's locking C13 connector protects your critical equipment by maintaining a secure link without failure. The locking cable is also invaluable when moving equipment in a rack or removing equipment from tight areas, ensuring the power cord always stays connected.

Tough Heavy-Duty Cable is Ideal for Server Applications

The six-foot cord can be used to power equipment that requires a higher-rated heavy-duty cable, such as servers, routers, network switches and blade server enclosures.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

C13 to C14 PDU-style extension cord is backed by a lifetime limited warranty, ensuring reliability and performance.

  • C13-to-C14 extension cord is ideal replacement for worn-out or missing cable
  • Adds 6 ft. to your existing power connection for more flexibility when placing devices
  • 6 ft. heavy-duty cord provides power in server applications
  • Locking C13 connector prevents accidental disconnection
  • Securely connect network devices such as servers and routers to an AC outlet

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