Tripp Lite PSCLAMP Clamp Mount for Power Strip

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The PSCLAMP lets you mount a Tripp Lite medical-grade power strip to an IV pole, mobile cart, crash cart, mobile medical workstation, hospital bed rails or crib, while maintaining compliance. This clamp includes a removable drip shield that adds extra protection when there are liquids in the environment. The cord manager lets you wrap the unused power cord, eliminating a tripping hazard and protecting the cord from damage.The clamp's mounting adapters fit any diameter from 1 inch to 2.25 inches to work in a variety of applications. A locking nut is included. The PSCLAMP comes pre-assembled, so you simply mount it and it's ready to use.
  • Use in a variety of applications, including IV poles, carts, cribs and bed rails
  • Pre-assembled for quick installation
  • Clamps fit any diameter from 1 in. to 2.25 in.
  • Includes removable drip shield and power cord manager
  • Compatible with all Tripp Lite Medical-Grade Power Strips, as well as other brands

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