Tripp Lite RBC36H UPS Battery Pack

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UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge for Select Tripp Lite UPS Systems

This UPS backup battery replacement is designed for these specific battery-door enabled versions of Tripp Lite AVR550U, AVRX550U, ECO550UPS, ECO650UM, INTERNET550SER, INTERNET550U and INTERNET600U that originally shipped with a 12V 3.6Ah battery inside. It is carefully screened and certified to meet or exceed original runtime specifications. The leakproof, no-maintenance RBC36H comes ready for quick and easy installation in your UPS system. It functions within a wide range of operating temperatures. Reusable packaging allows you to easily send expired batteries to a recycling center.

  • Replacement battery backup for select Tripp Lite AVR550U andAVRX550U UPS systems
  • Compatible with AVR550U orAVRX550U UPS that shipped with 12V 3.6Ah battery
  • Carefully screened and certified to restore UPS runtime to original specs
  • Leakproof internal battery requires no regular maintenance
  • Ships fully assembled and ready for immediate installation to prevent downtime

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