Tripp Lite Replacement Lock Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet 2 Keys Version 1

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Theft-Deterrent Replacement Handle Prevents Unauthorized Access to Your Rack Cabinet
This replacement lock handle kit helps you securely store your valuable rack-mounted equipment to protect it from damage, tampering or theft. It's recommended for data centers, server rooms or network closets where you need your floor-standing rack enclosures to be protected from unauthorized access.

Included Keys Are Specific to This Lock Only
SRHANDLE1 fits SmartRack enclosure door assemblies equipped with handles. Replacement handles for front and rear doors are included, which replace the rack cabinet's existing door handles using the original mounting hardware. Easy installation takes just a few minutes. The included keys fit SRHANDLE1 locks only, allowing you to control who has access to internal equipment. Keys and handles are marked with the numeral "1" for quick identification.

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