Tripp Lite Security Key for Tripp Lite RJ45 Plug Locks and Locking Inserts, Red, 2 Pack

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Key for Universal RJ45 Plug Lock and Locking Insert Allows for Easy and Quick Use

The N2LOCK-KEY-RD provides an easy way to unlock a connection between Tripp Lite's N2LOCK-010-YW RJ45 plug lock or N2LPLUG-010-YW RJ45 locking insert and an RJ45 port. Just insert the key into either the plug lock or locking insert for instant disconnection in seconds with no damage to the port's patch panel, wall plate or network switch. This package includes two keys.

Typical Applications

  • Safely remove a patch cable or a locking insert from an RJ45 port in a patch panel, wall plate or network switch

  • Releases a locked patch cable or RJ45 port in seconds
  • Small, portable tool works with Tripp Lite RJ45 plug locks and locking inserts
  • Security key allows you to unlock the universal RJ45 plug locks and inserts connected to your patch panel, wall plate or switch.

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