Tripp Lite SmartRack SRCLOSETINTAKE Cooling Duct

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Increase Ventilation and the Flow of Fresh Air Through Your Enclosed Space

This SmartRack® intake is ideal for supplying a constant flow of fresh, filtered air to an under-ventilated wiring closet. Better airflow keeps your valuable rack components cool, helps boost system performance, and avoids costly equipment failures that lead to downtime, damage and data loss. The replaceable filter helps keep dust away from your electronic equipment.

Easy and Flexible Installation

Avoid expensive renovation fees to route ducting or create auxiliary vents for your small wiring closet. A mounting template is included for installing the SRCLOSETINTAKE between studs on walls up to eight inches thick. Mounting hardware is also included.

  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Replaceable air filter helps keep dust away from your rack-mount components
  • Includes template for mounting between wall studs in your wiring closet
  • Supplies fresh filtered air and circulates it in a small confined area to cool equipment

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