Tripp Lite Toolless 45-Degree Up-Down Ramp Kit for Fiber Routing System, 240 mm (10 in)

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High-Impact PVC Ramps Help You Create Custom Fiber Cable Routing Schemes

The SmartRack® SRFC10RAMP connects to straight channel sections or other fittings in your fiber routing system to raise or lower it to a different level. Two of Tripp Lite's SRFC10CPL10 couplers (sold separately) are required to complete your installation. Made from durable, lightweight PVC material, these ramps connect using the included hardware to help keep your fiber optic cable bundles neat and organized. Screws tighten by hand with no tools required to complete a professional, finished look in your data center, network closet or industrial space.

Typical Applications

  • Create a fiber routing system along the wall or ceiling of your data center or network closet or across the tops of the rack enclosures

System Requirements

  • 2 x SRFC10CPL10 couplers (sold separately)

  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Requires 2 Tripp Lite SRFC10CPL10 couplers (sold separately)
  • Easy to install with your fiber routing system with no tools needed
  • Constructed from durable but lightweight PVC plastic
  • Allows you flexibility in creating your custom fiber optic cable routing system

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