Tripp Lite Toolless Trumpet Drop-Out Kit for Fiber Routing System, 240 mm (10 in)

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High-Impact PVC Drop-Out Helps You Create Custom Fiber Cable Routing Schemes

The SmartRack® SRFC10DROP limits the bend radius of your fiber optic cabling to two inches (50 mm) as it exits from a channel, horizontal T fitting or vertical T. A proper two-inch bend radius protects against signal loss and damage to the cables. Made from durable, lightweight PVC material, this trumpet drop-out connects using the included hardware to help keep your cable bundles neat and organized. Screws and nuts tighten by hand with no tools required to complete a professional, finished look in your data center, network closet or industrial space.

Typical Applications

  • Create a fiber routing system along the wall or ceiling of your data center or network closet or across the tops of the rack enclosures

System Requirements

Requires a 10 in. or 240 mm wide section from Tripp Lite's Fiber Routing System

  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Easy to install with your fiber routing system with no tools needed
  • Constructed from durable but lightweight PVC plastic
  • Allows you flexibility in creating your custom fiber optic cable routing system

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