Tripp Lite Wallmount Rack Enclosure Cabinet Replacement Combination Lock

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Theft-Deterrent Replacement Lock Prevents Unauthorized Access to Your Rack Cabinet

This replacement combination lock kit helps you securely store your valuable rack-mounted equipment to protect it from damage, tampering or theft. It's recommended for data centers, server rooms or network closets where you need your wall-mount rack enclosures to be protected from unauthorized access.

Choose from Up to 1000 Different Combinations for Flexible Protection

The three-digit combination can be easily reset and changed as often as you want. Choose from as many as 1000 different combinations to closely guard access and to adjust when access requirements change.

  • Replacement combination lock kit allows facility and IT managers to designate authorized access to wall-mount rack cabinets.
  • Replacement combination lock fits front door of SmartRack® wall-mount enclosures
  • Uses mounting hardware from existing SmartRack door handle for quick installation
  • Choose from up to 1000 different combinations for easy changes as often as needed
  • 5-year limited warranty

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