Vaddio OneLINk HDMI Extension for Cisco Cameras

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Simplify installations by viewing all your Vaddio products across a deployment on one screen with the simple click of a button. The Vaddio Deployment Tool enables you to select devices from the network, choose an action like rebooting the device, unmute the audio, or updating firmware and voil�! - remote troubleshooting success. You can even conduct mass firmware updates on hundreds of devices all at once, which saves you a lot of time.

Tailored for Cisco codec systems and compatible with most Cisco Precision series cameras, this OneLINK codec kit provides more freedom of choice for camera selection and equipment placement.

This package includes:
-OneLINK HDMI Interface
-Thin profile wall mount with hardware
-48V power supply
-1ft Cat5e cable
-3ft Cat5e cable
-1ft directional Cat5e for Cisco PrecisionHD
-3ft directional Cat5e for Cisco PrecisionHD
-3ft direction Cat5e for Cisco SX20
-1ft HDMI cable
-3ft HDMI cable
-1ft power cable
-EZCamera RS-232 control adapter
-EZCamera RS-232 control adapter for Cisco serial 9-point pin

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