Veracity OUTREACH Max G PoE Extender

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Power over Ethernet and network range extender

OUTREACH Max G extends gigabit Ethernet to 200 metres with full POE pass-through, ideal for deployment of wireless access points and IP cameras.

OUTREACH Max G easily overcomes the distance limits of POE networks

Simply connecting an OUTREACH Max G in line with the network cable instantly doubles the range from 100 metres (328 ft) to 200 metres (656 ft) with POE.

Cable lengths in Ethernet networks are limited to 100 metres (328 ft), which is a serious restriction for many security installations.

OUTREACH Max G enables installers to overcome this network limitation. Simply connecting an OUTREACH Max G in line with the network cable instantly doubles the range from 100 metres to 200 metres (656 ft).

Simple to install

Fitting OUTREACH Max G is simple because no set-up is required. Its only connections are two RJ45 network ports, both of which immediately self-configure for 10Base-T, 100Base-TX or 1000Base-T operation. POE power is automatically transferred between connected equipment. No local power supply connection is needed, because OUTREACH Max G is powered by POE.

OUTREACH Max G can easily be located anywhere along the network cable, as long as no single length of cable is greater than 100 metres. For example, to extend the network connection between a POE switch and an IP camera to 170 metres, an OUTREACH Max G could be installed 90 metres from the switch. A further 80 metres of cable would run from the OUTREACH Max G to the camera.

Max POE power
OUTREACH Max G enables network range extension to all POE devices that are compatible with IEEE 802.3af, which is the universal POE standard for low power network devices such as fixed IP cameras.

In addition, OUTREACH Max G is compatible with POE Plus (IEEE 802.3at) and higher power 4-pair POE (IEEE 802.3bt) up to 90W.

Note that OUTREACH Max G is designed for connection to POE compatible equipment only. If POE power is not required, Veracity's OUTREACH Lite G should be specified instead.

Go further

If POE and network extension beyond 200 metres (656 ft) is required, more than one OUTREACH Max G may be installed in series. For example, a 300 metre (984 ft) connection between a POE switch and a 10 watt IP camera can be achieved by fitting two OUTREACH Max G units at 100 metre intervals along the cable. The maximum extension distance depends on how much power is required and which POE source is used. See the tables on the next page or read Veracity's "Long Range Ethernet Extension" white paper on our website.

For longer Ethernet runs, Veracity recommends the LONGSPAN long distance point-to-point devices, which can achieve 100Base-TX connections with POE at up to 820m (2,690ft).

No restrictions

All OUTREACH devices restore the network connection like a switch, so when placed at 100m intervals along the cable they can deliver full bandwidth Ethernet over the full distance of 200m, 300m or further. The "G" models deliver gigabit Ethernet, maximising performance and transparency, with no risk of reduced or unpredictable bandwidth.
  • Instantly doubles cable range to 200 metres
  • No local power required
  • Full gigabit Ethernet
  • Universal 10/100/1000 compatibility
  • Extends POE and POE Plus up to 90 watts
  • Integrated mounting holes

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