Vertiv Avocent HMX 6000 | High Performance KVM Extender | KVM Transmitter | Dual Transmitter | DVI-D Audio SFP (HMX6210T-001)

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The Vertiv Avocent HMX6210T High Performance KVM System transmitter provides access to system computers via a standard IP infrastructure network, allowing users the ability to access and share computing resources. It provides one USB-B input port, one speaker and mic output port and two DVI-D video connections. The transmitter and computers may be housed remotely from user workstations in secure, temperature-controlled environments to maintain component integrity. System control is managed from a single access point, allowing the administrator to provide system connection through confirmed verification tools. It delivers access to high quality DVI up to 2560x1600 with no loss of quality at any node in the system. It provides high video performance over VNC. It is ideal for demanding applications such as broadcast, control rooms and collaborative environments. The Vertiv Avocent HMX6210T transmitter is part of a high performance digital matrix solution that provides a quality, real-time experience for a wide variety of broadcast, control room and screen management applications.

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  • USER FRIENDLY: Switching between system devices is fast and easy with a real-time hotkey switching function.
  • REMOTE ACCESS: Allows critical computing hardware to be housed remotely from the user workstation in a secure, temperature-controlled environment, ensuring its integrity.
  • MATRIX SYSTEM: Operates as part of a matrix system wherein a single access point controls system access and sharing among all computing resources and ensures authentication and verification of all users.
  • DEVICE CONNECTIONS & PORTS: Includes single USB-B input port, speaker and mic output port, and two DVI-D video connections to support video up to 2560x1600 resolution.
  • KVM EXTENDER: Connects the matrixed network to a target system computer and operates via standard IP infrastructure to provide authorized computer access without compromising video quality or control.

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