Vertiv Cybex Secure MultiViewer KVM Switch | 4 port | NIAP Approved | Dual AC

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The Vertiv Cybex Secure MultiViewer KVM continues to provide the KVM system solution required in accessing both classified and non-classified data. Through the use of an all new video port, the Cybex Secure MultiViewer KVM accepts either a standard HDMI or DP connector cable when the input/target video port has a universal connector. The Cybex Secure Multiviewer KVM can be used in either a single or dual display projection scenario with up to 16 computers on a single screen and features such as tiling, windowing, and touch screen.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Simultaneously view multiple computers on a single monitor.
  • Ability to interact with various security classifications on a single screen.
  • With CNS, keyboard and mouse transitions seamlessly when moving the cursor across window borders.
  • Direct interaction with any application through touch screen capabilities.
  • Smart-card (CAC) or biometric readers for authentication across multiple secure computers.

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