Vertiv Liebert Hot-Swap Internal 48V, 5 Ah Lead-Acid Battery for Liebert GXT4 UPS Systems from 500-1000VA

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The GXT4-5A48BATKIT is a hot-swappable, internal lead-acid UPS battery kit designed for use with Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT4-500RT120, GXT4-700RT120, GXT4-700RT230, GXT4-1000RT120 and GXT4-1000RT230 UPS systems. The 48V, 5 Ah battery is spill-proof, provides 48V DC output and includes a two-year warranty.

More from the Manufacturer

  • MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: Two-year warranty
  • COMPATIBLE SYSTEMS: Compatible with Liebert GXT4 UPS systems from 500-1000VA
  • REPLACEMENT BATTERY KIT: Internal 48V UPS battery with 5 Ah capacity for Liebert GXT4 UPS Systems

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