Vertiv Liebert POD PD2 - (4) NEMA L5-20R| (4) L6-20R| UPS Maintenance Bypass

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The Vertiv Liebert POD PD2-106 is a power output distribution (POD) unit with built-in maintenance bypass feature. Designed for the GXT4 8-10kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) models, it is a POD that allows you to conduct UPS maintenance and replacements without power interruption to the connected load. It also automatically transfers the current from the UPS to the original power source in cases of UPS failures, saving your equipment from unnecessary downtimes and ensuring continuous uptime for your system. The PD2-106 is a plug-and-play unit that will replace the existing POD box on your UPS. It has four NEMA 5-20R and four NEMA L6-20R output connectors and is equipped with a 2PH+N+G Hardwire 4-wire input connector. It also has a circuit breaker and supports a max current of 60A.

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  • Input: Hardwire 4-wire (2PH+N+G)
  • Output: Four (4) NEMA 5-20R, Four (4) NEMA L6-20R
  • Max Current: 60A
  • Easy plug-and-play deployment to ensure continuous uptime of your network even during UPS maintenance
  • Avoid initiating unnecessary downtimes while conducting UPS maintenance
  • Power output distribution unit with UPS maintenance bypass feature

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