Vertiv Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion Short-Depth 3kVA 2700W 120V 3U Rack/Tower UPS

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Vertiv PSI5 Lithium-Ion 3000VA Short Depth 3U Rack/Tower UPS provides the greatest power capacity in the smallest footprint in the market. The chassis is 16.9 inches in total depth and 15.7 rackmount depth which makes it ideal for smaller installations in 2-Post and wall mount racks. This short depth chassis is also ideal with 4-Post racks which frees up space behind the UPS which can be used for other networking gear sharing the same U space. The Rack/Tower convertible chassis is ideal when you have non-standardized install locations. A generous amount of outlets (9) 5-15/20R and (1) L5-30R ensures flexibility with attaching devices. PSI5 Lithium-Ion provides greater runtime, has 3X the battery life, performs better at higher temperatures and increases the total cost of ownership over 50% Remotely monitor and manage the UPS with PowerInsight and/or through the Intellislot with optional network management cards.

More from the Manufacturer

  • At 3000VA/2700W, this UPS has the highest power capacity in the most compact size
  • PSI5 Lithium-Ion batteries last up to three times longer than traditional VRLA batteries
  • Short-Depth Chassis is ideal for 2-Post racks and wall-mount racks
  • Rack/Tower Convertible makes it ideal when you have non-standardized install locations
  • Five-year standard warranty on 3kVA UPS and batteries

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